Education is not only the ready access to ‘off-the-shelf information’ but also about the development of critical awareness and the ability to transform what one is given into something more meaningful. Thus,it is a great challenge to use knowledge in this direction.

The brain can be trained to achieve this idealistic Plan is a disciplined thought process.It is an intellectual process that helps one to formulate an idea of how to work.It cannot be a wild guess or an impulsive act.It is a map of our course of action.It builds a bridge that narrows the gap between where we stand and where we aspire to be.It involves setting ‘doable’,practical goals. It breaks the shackles of uncertainty. It facilitates decision making that take every action into account and calculates every step taken towards the goal. Plannings also key to control, co-ordination and direction.

Dear Students, the hall mark of all ‘go getters’ is a burning desire to accomplish the task, however big or painstaking and scale new heights.

Make the best of the plethora of opportunities. Aim higher, create your won future and success is surely yours.

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